For Real-World Careers

An online computer security management degree will give you the knowledge, skills, legal background, and ethical principles necessary to identify threats and develop effective information systems policies. Your Master of Computer Security Management will help you:

  • Improve your ability to design firewalls and network security systems.
  • Analyze system vulnerabilities, counteract and remove Trojans, backdoors, and malware
  • Gain additional competencies necessary to lead, manage, and support the computing security challenges faced by organizations of all sizes
  • Explain the fundamental concepts of network security and associated ethical issues in addressing exploits
  • Describe the impact that malicious exploits and attacks have on computer network security
  • Identify network security tools and discuss techniques for developing computer security systems
  • Assess firewall design strategies and design a secure network
  • Describe computer network security implementation strategies and the roles they play in the computer security systems life cycle
  • Explore web application security, including social networking applications
  • Analyze system vulnerabilities exploited by hackers
  • Design plans that remove Trojans, backdoors, and malware from infected systems
  • Explain the process and related tools of network traffic analysis and sniffing
  • Analyze wireless network vulnerabilities exploited by hackers
  • Examine the appropriate methods for performing incident handling