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Ace your virtual interview

You’re probably already familiar with traditional interview advice—do your homework, practice your responses, come prepared with thoughtful questions. However, in our new world of social distancing and working remotely, that means remote interviews as well. Strayer’s Career Center offered tips for a virtual interview.

PRACTICE USING THE TECHNOLOGY Turn on your webcam and microphone, and check your computer settings well before the interview starts. If possible, practice using the online conferencing platform in which the interview will be conducted.

CONSIDER YOUR BACKDROP and what it says about you. Just as you would select a professional outfit for your interview, you’ll want to carefully consider what the employer will see behind you. Set your camera at a flattering level (eye-level is best), and make sure the lighting is plentiful.

RECORD YOURSELF responding to questions and carefully evaluate them. Ask for feedback from a friend or Career Counselor.

PLAN AHEAD to eliminate distractions during the interview. Mute your phone, put the dog downstairs, arrange for uninterrupted time.

KEEP A SENSE OF HUMOR. These are unusual and challenging times. If something unexpected happens during the remote interview, apologize and demonstrate your ability to gracefully handle the unexpected.

By Annie Montemayor Career Counselor, Strayer University