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LinkedIn mythbusters

Strayer’s career strategy team debunked some commonly held myths about the professional networking site. The real truth? It is a powerful career resource, but it’s up to you to maximize it.

“If I set up a perfect profile, jobs will flock to me.”

LinkedIn is simply a tool. You still need to do the work to interact with others, market yourself and be proactive in your job search.

“Networking is for extroverts.”

Networking is a key component of career success for everyone! It can cause anxiety for both introverts and extroverts, but remember that people are on LinkedIn because they want to connect with you.

“I only need LinkedIn when I’m in the market for a new job.”

Staying connected with your network and expanding it should be a part of your career strategy no matter if you’re in the market or not. Remember that networking with others can help you in your current job, too.

“LinkedIn is just an online resume.”

It’s so much more interactive! You can include examples of your work, stay connected with your contacts, share industry-relevant news and more.