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Visit the new Career Center to create and activate your career strategy

In Strayer University’s new online Career Center, you can develop your career goals, create an actionable career strategy, and find tools to support you—all in one place.

Packed with resources that include a job portal to help easily identify full-time, part-time and temporary positions, career interest groups, career preparation videos, on-demand professional webinars and resume-writing software, you’ll find support at every stage of your educational and professional journey. For individual assistance, you can also reach out to a career counselor (from the “Contact Us” page).

The Career Center is designed to reflect the different stages of the career strategy lifecycle: explore, connect, prepare, and act. These stages are integral to student success and most people cycle through each stage throughout their careers. Each career stage has its own purpose and related resources:

EXPLORE: Reflection and research are key, whether you’re starting your career or re-evaluating your options. In this section, you’ll reflect on your skills, interests, and values; conduct research in your area of interest and, for those seeking to switch careers, explore resources for making that change.

CONNECT: Connecting with others is the most transformational step you can take for your career success. The Career Center teaches you how to take advantage of online networking tools and prepare for informational interviews, and also provides links to professional associations.

PREPARE: Knowing your value and effectively communicating that to an employer is key to landing a job. This section teaches you how to market yourself and provides a robust set of tools to help improve your resume, write a cover letter, prepare interview responses and more.

ACT: Finally, it’s time to start your job search. This section helps you conduct an effective job search, identify open opportunities, and evaluate and negotiate job offers.

To access these resources, visit Students and alumni will be prompted to enter their student ID and password. If you need help with this information, you can reset your password electronically as prompted or call the IT HelpDesk at 1-844-478-7293 for assistance.