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Women at work

Career coach and Strayer alumna Ericka Spradley is dedicated to helping women “raise their voice” at work. She shared some do’s and don’t’s to put into action on the job.


  • Own your success. Women are typically reluctant to stand up and take credit for what they have accomplished.
  • Learn to negotiate effectively for what you deserve.
  • Ask probing questions.
  • Communicate with credibility.
  • Always respond with strategy or facts.


  • Take things personally or allow your emotions to influence what you say.
  • Interrupt, but make sure you speak up in turn.
  • Give up power with your words, i.e, “This might not work, but…”
  • Use “shrinkers” like “I think” or “just.”
  • Be afraid to challenge “authority” (perceived power due to seniority or influence).