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The Strayer Graduation Fund Covers Up to 25% of Tuition

There are many great reasons to transfer to Strayer to complete your bachelor’s degree. Here’s one: Our Graduation Fund covers up to 25% of your tuition costs.


Coming up with the money to pay for college can be a real challenge. When you have bills to pay and possibly a family to support, the cost of an undergraduate degree can be a financial strain. Good news: the Strayer University Graduation Fund makes earning a degree much more affordable. If you’re transferring from another school to complete your bachelor’s degree at Strayer, the Graduation Fund helps you save money as you cross the finish line.

Here’s how the Graduation Fund works:

Save up to 25% on Tuition

We reward your success with savings. For every three courses you successfully complete, you’ll earn one tuition-free course in your final year. Since you’ll redeem these tuition-free courses in your last year, you’ll feel these savings when you probably need them most—in the homestretch of your tuition payments.

Motivation to Finish Your Degree

Earning an undergraduate degree is a marathon, not a sprint. Every student experiences ups and downs, and in those low moments, it can be tough to keep going. The Graduation Fund gives you a great reason to stick with it: All those free courses you’ve earned will be waiting for you in your last year.

You’re Automatically Enrolled.

New undergrads and transfer students are automatically enrolled in the Graduation Fund. There’s no need to sign up to start earning rewards.

At Strayer, we’re committed to helping you reach your academic goals. The Graduation Fund is all about decreasing the financial barrier that stands between you and a bachelor’s degree and motivating you to go the distance. We love seeing our students succeed!

Learn more about the Strayer Graduation Fund.

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Published Date: November 8, 2019