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Career Connect offers students and alumni access to tailored job search

For many students, the decision to earn a degree is driven by a desire to start or grow their careers. With that ultimate goal in mind, Strayer University makes career readiness a critical part of the learning experience, helping students prepare for, and learn about, potential careers after graduation.

Along with career counseling and resume and interview guidance, a student’s “employability toolkit” now offers a new job search resource, Career Connect.

“Career Connect is a job search platform designed to link Strayer students and alumni directly to employers with openings highly relevant to Strayer coursework,” says Toni Thornton, senior manager in Strayer’s Office of Employability. “Strayer has worked with employers to ensure that the skills we teach align with their job openings.”

Career Connect offers curated employment opportunities and direct communication channels with employers.

Students and alumni can log into Career Connect through the Career Center on iCampus and create a profile by uploading their resume. They can apply to jobs and internships through the platform, many of which will be populated in the search based on the student’s degree program and the skills they are learning.

Employers can host virtual career fairs directly in Career Connect, providing another avenue to learn more about the employer and their openings.

“This tool creates a powerful connection of the skills our students have with the skills employers are seeking,” says Thornton. “It makes the job search and application process more fruitful and efficient, and ultimately provide a better return on investment for our students.”

Access Career Connect on iCampus