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Education to evolution

130+ years of remarkable student achievement

In This Issue

President's letter

This year, Strayer University celebrates its 130th anniversary of empowering adults to change their lives through education. Read More

Back to work

Many people know what it’s like to try to find a job for themselves. But not many have as much experience with helping others as Bianca Stewart Williams (MBA 2016). Read More

Growth mindset

Q&A with Sarah Sims (BBA 2012)

Sarah Sims (BBA 2012) discusses her own career trajectory and her guidance for building a meaningful professional journey. Read More

Paying it forward

For Strayer alumnus Jackson Parker (BSCJ 2013), public service is a way of life. Read More

An unconventional journey

How one alumna found her way

“I knew I wanted to impact lives," says Carmalitha Gumbs (MBA 2004, MHSA 2010). "I was just trying to figure out how to do it.” Read More

University News

New job search tool

For many students, the decision to earn a degree is driven by a desire to start or grow their careers.

Online career communities

An important part of the student experience at Strayer University is connecting with others in similar fields and careers.

Student-to-student Mentoring

Earning a degree requires a long-term commitment of time and motivation.

Inclusivity at Strayer

Strayer University has always served a large, diverse population of students, where different backgrounds, stories and circumstances are honored and supported.

Strayer Campuses Reopen

The events of the past two years have reshaped the higher education learning experience and helped many to become more comfortable in the online classroom.

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