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The Graduation Fund – Only at Strayer

The Graduation Fund – Only at Strayer

Build up tuition credits for your final undergraduate classes at Strayer with the Graduation Fund. You can save up to 25% off your tuition–that's up to $14,500 on the cost of education. Enrollment is automatic, so you start earning tuition credits as soon as you complete your first class; students have earned credit for as many as 10 final year bachelor's degree courses.

Transfer Credit Scholarship

Transfer Credit Scholarship

We believe finishing your bachelor's should be affordable. That's why students transferring 27 or more quarter credits will receive $250 off every course until they graduate. Combine that discount with the Graduation Fund, and you could save up to $18,000—that's more than 36% off your Strayer tuition.*

* Important information about the Strayer Transfer Credit Scholarship

Master's Scholarship

Master's Scholarship

Ready to take the next step in your education? We’re offering a $3,000 scholarship for new and returning students to get a jump-start on earning a master’s degree. Find your area of interest, enroll in an eligible master’s program*, and connect with a Strayer admissions officer to apply for the scholarship.

* Important information about the Strayer Master's Scholarship

Legacy Scholarship

Legacy Scholarship

Every current Strayer student and alumni can refer a family member to Strayer. The person who is being referred (not the person making the referral) will qualify for a $500 scholarship good for the Spring 2019 academic term on all bachelor’s and master’s programs.

PLUS Bachelor’s students:

  • Receive a fully loaded laptop to help you with your studies.
  • Earn Graduation Fund credits. For every three classes, you complete you will earn one class to use at the end of your degree program.

More Programs to Help Make Your Degree Attainable


The Law Enforcement Tuition Assistance Program offers eligible employed police officers, sheriffs, state troopers, rangers or corrections officers who have completed a basic law enforcement training program a tuition rate of $750 per undergraduate course. This is a 48% cost savings against current undergraduate tuition rates. Chat with us and ask your admissions officer for all the details.



AmeriCorps, the Peace Corps and the National Health Services Corps all offer college money in exchange for a service commitment. For more information, visit their sites.


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U.S. Military Affiliation

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  • The total discount available by combining the Transfer Credit Scholarship and the Graduation Fund will vary by student, and depends on how many transfer credits the student brings to the university.
  • Student, any immediate family member of the student, or household member of the student may not be currently employed by the University, the University’s parent company, or any other subsidiary of the parent company.
  • Student must transfer at least 27 quarter credits (or credits equivalent to six Strayer classes).
  • When needed, unofficial transcripts can be used to assist in determining eligibility, but official transcripts are required to award the scholarship.
  • The scholarship discounts will start in the term Strayer receives and evaluates the official transcripts.
  • Student must not take off more than two (2) consecutive quarters to retain the scholarships described above.
  • The Strayer Transfer Credits Scholarship may be combined with the Graduation Fund, but cannot be combined with any other Strayer scholarship/tuition discount.
  • Eligible programs include all Strayer University undergraduate programs. This scholarship does not include JWMI, Degrees@work, or Verizon Onsite.
  • Scholarship applies to course tuition only. Books, supplies, and other fees apply.
  • No refund or cash value on unused scholarship dollars.
  • For students whose tuition is billed to an employer or sponsor, the scholarship is applied first to tuition charges and then the sponsor is billed the net tuition amount (to the extent tuition benefits are available).
  • The recipient student must meet all Strayer University admissions requirements by program.
  • If the student is being readmitted to the university, that student must be in good academic and financial standing with the university ($0 past due balance at time of enrollment).


*Scholarship for the JWMI MBA program offered through the John F. Welch scholarship. Please contact your admissions officer for details.

Eligibility Requirements:

In order to apply for this scholarship, you must be a new or readmitted student registering for the Fall 2019 term for any eligible Strayer University graduate program.

Enrolled students of the Cheddar MBA program are eligible, but not those in the JWMI program.

Those currently employed by the university or a member of the household of a Strayer University employee are not eligible.

Additional eligibility rules:

  • You must post attendance in the Fall 2019 term.
  • You must meet all Strayer University admissions requirements by program.
  • You must be in good academic standing (GPA 3.0 or greater).
  • You must be in good financial standing with the University ($0 past due balance).
  • Scholarship cannot be applied with any other scholarship/tuition discount except corporate alliances.
  • Scholarship will be applied as three disbursements of $1,000 during the students third, fourth, and fifth quarters as long as the student is still in attendance.
  • Scholarship applies to course tuition only. All other books and fees must be paid with a separate method of payment.
  • No refunds will be issued on unused scholarship amounts.
  • This scholarship does not include any Strayer University Graduate programs offered through Degrees@work or Verizon Onsite.
  • Students may only take one quarter off during the eligibility and award period. If a student takes a term off during the award period, their scholarship value for that term will not be forfeited but will be held over to the next term. Students will forfeit any remaining value of the scholarship if they take off more than one quarter during the eligibility and award period. Eligibility period is defined as the period of time before the scholarship is actually awarded. Award period is defined as the terms during which the scholarship is actually disbursed.